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Patient Health Is Our Only Focus

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A Team & Services You Can Count On Staffed with experienced, customer-oriented professionals, we strive daily to earn your trust and respect. Responsive to your needs and timing, real people answer our phones & we use state-of-the-art, secure software to document and help you manage your medication and health needs. Call us today to find out how we can help you with all your health needs!

Complete Prescription, Vaccination & Nutrition Services

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  • We fill all prescriptions:
    • Routine prescriptions (in vials or compliance packs)
    • Compounded prescriptions
    • Injectables and biologics (for onsite administration or delivered to your clinic)
  • Vaccines for administration by your MD or our pharmacists
  • Therapeutic Meals (Dietitian-design, chef-prepared, delivered meals)
  • Dietitian Classes & Appointments
  • Specialty vitamins & supplements
  • No-charge daily delivery from Langford to Sidney

Specialized IV & Injection Services

  • Infusion and injection services are provided by experienced nurses, in our purpose-built space monitored by on-site physicians. Biologics, biosimilars, IV and IM injectables as well as injection training services are available. For more information please call us at 778-433-6060 or click here.
  • Dietitian Classes & Appointments
  • Specialty vitamins & supplements

Relaxing, Professional Environment

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  • Private counselling and injection areas
  • Easy ground-level access & free parking
  • Comfortable chairs, free wifi & good coffee
  • Real people answer our phones
  • Free delivery from Langford to Sidney

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